Our history

Silence… Everybody look! Music starts playing … Each chord bewitches those gathered there. Those who mean something important to you, for the first time in the place you chose.

One who looks at you from afar … endless waiting. Try to guess every detail, as serene as possible. At last you appear shaky and nervous. An “O” excited and quietly the guests takes over the place … and becomes a magical moment that will fill and remember all your life.

But you know what? Nothing escaped the magic … We were able to capture the happiness of your eyes and the joy of those who love you … those tears that had never appeared … and hands so tight that nobody could separate.

For all this, we want to be your wedding photographers to capture the highlights of your Great Day shape with feeling and beauty that you have created with all your love.

And of course, though not enough. After spending a few years … you return to when you open your emocionaros your album again and express their tears of remembrance.

We White & Ivory wedding photographers who not only captured memories … we become partakers of them and live almost like ours. In the end, part of ourselves … and we LOVE it!

So you do not think that we will only be to shoot a camera, we asesoraros with our experiences, seros useful in any problem with original solutions, offer ideas and professionals to makeup, hair, dresses or suits, accessories, invitations, lounges, music, antique cars, invitations…

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Our photos excite, transmit messages, revive feelings.

Blanco & Marfil

The photographs revive stories, convey feelings and we capture moments so that you can relive them again and again.



Head, eye and heart on the same axis. So Henry Cartier-Bresson defined photography. This thought inspires me to do something that obsesses me , a special time to reflect or capture the unique essence of something to do, say, eternal through photography. I am passionate about finding ways to tell your story, intimate and personal way. Since childhood, I have been in the picture, which together with the experience and professionalism are the values ​​that drive me. So I fled artificial or common poses and looking to integrate into your story to tell it firsthand. Head, eye and heart together…



One day I discovered something compelled me to devote myself to photography. It was the expression and capture the feeling of the people , become their particular magician. In this way the marriage would be the perfect setting to rescue my deepest feelings, to realize that I get with my photographs an enduring happiness for the newlyweds and their guests. My style is evolving in a continuous search for new resources and photographic techniques, I am surprised and fascinated by the light surrounding people and shapes their environment. My passion is to catch the feelings of the moment, combining the beauty of photojournalism perched photography and fashion runway.

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